Summary of most important results of dalmatians
from our kennel "Exlibris Canes" and their offsprings in 2004


All together about 19 Titles of Champions of different countries

13 x BOG-1, 3 x BIS-2, 4 x BIS-4, BIS-5

8 x CACIB, 7 x res-CACIB



Exlibris Canes dalmatians:

  Garden Of Goodness (Nessi) - EST&LV&LTU&BALT JCH, res-CACIB  EST TOPDAL 2004  BEST JUNIOR 2

  Golden Cup Of Heaven (Rey) - EST&LV&LTU&BALT JCH, LTU JW-2004, 3x LTU CAC

  Gate To Fantasy (Fanzy) - 2 x EST JCAC, LV JCAC, LV JW-2004, CACIB, LTU CAC

  Guiding Light (Gaidy) - 5 UKR CAC, BOG-1, BIS -3, res-CACIB,

  Fleur D`Amour - UKR CH

  Deja Vu (Tessa) - EST&LV&LTU&BALT JCH EST TOPDAL 2004  BEST JUNIOR 1 !!! and  BEST PUPPY 2

  A`La Carte (Carty) - BIS baby-4, 2x BOB puppy

  Ace Of Spades (Archie) - BOO puppy on DAL Special Show


Ottopojan Pataässä and his offsprings

INT & FIN & PORT & EST & LV & LTU & BALT & BLR & RUS CH  LTU W-2001 BALT W-2001 EST W-2002 LTU W-2004 Ottopojan Pataässä (Otto) - LTU W-2004, 3x BOG-2, 2x CACIB (altogether 14x CACIB) EST TOPDAL 2004 BEST SHOWDOG 3

Otto's offsprings

  RUS&RKF CH Tsarsky Shokolad Oberon Mocca - 11 BOB, 8 BOG-1, 3x BIS-2, 3xBIS-4, 2x res-CACIB
altogether in 2003-2004  - 19 BOB, 16 BOG-1, 2x BIS 1, 7x BIS 2, 3xBIS 4, 2x BIS 5!!!!)

   BLR JCH Tsarsky Shokolad Ork Katriol - BLR CH

  RUS JCH, RUS CH Diaspora Ardenõ Amora Mio - MOL&LTU CH, 2x BOG-1, BOG-3, 3x CACIB, res- CACIB

   RUS JCH Diaspora Atomic Boy - RUS CH, 2x BOG-1, BOG-2, BIS-5, CACIB, 2x res-CACIB

  Exlibris Canes Deja Vu (Tessa) - EST&LV&LTU&BALT CH

  Exlibris Canes A`La Carte (Carty)-  BIS baby-4, 2x BOB puppy

   Exlibris Canes Ace Of Spades (Archie) - BOO puppy on DAL Special Show


Caesands Moonlightshadow's offsprings:

  EST CH Marygold- LV CH

   Exlibris Canes Fleur D`Amour - UKR CH


Exlibris Canes Fleur D`Amour`s offspring:

  Eva - BOB, UKR Winner 2004 (in DAL Special Dogshow-Championship of Ukraine), Best Female, CACIB ("Crystal Cup of Kiev 2004")

Oskar - UKR JCH