LTU W-2001 BALT W-2001 EST W-2002
Estonian TOP-DAL I in 2000 and 2001; TOP-DAL II in 2002 and 2003
4 x BIS-1, BIS-2, 2 x BIS-4, BIS-5
, 13 x CACIB
ARDS-free, HD-free Bb
D.O.B. 18.02.1999

                S CH Solbo`s Sansibar (S) 
       S CH Solbo`s Bolero (S)* S&N CH Solbo`s Unique Lady (S)
               INT&DK&S&N CH NV91 SV91 Knight Of Gold At Theakston (S)*
FIN CH Dalmo`s Irish Koffee A (N), 
lives in Finland
S&N CH Dalmo`s Extra Edition (N)* INT&NORD CH Spotnik`s British Breeze (N)*
INT&FIN&S&EST&RUS CH Rillan A  (Fin) INT&FIN&EST&S&N CH Caesands Top's Smile (Fin) A INT&FIN&S&EST CH V96 EUV91  NMV89 Elaridge Prince Rufus A (England)
                Caesands Just Perfect (Fin)X*
          Cecilia (Fin) A NORD CH Bosville Colbost Curlew(N) X*
                             Disain Amanda (Fin) X*