Maksim Jenihhin is a senior research fellow at DCE, TTU, PhD in 2008. His primary research interests include HW verification and debug, reliability, manufacturing testing and EDA methodologies. Co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, supervises 4 PhD students. IBM Faculty Award 2011/2012. Dr. Jenihhin is a coordinator of Estonian Research Project ETF8478, Scientific secretary for the Estonian Research Excellence Centre CEBE, MC member of the EU COST Actions IC1103, IC1204, TUT representative in FP7 STREPs DIAMOND, BASTION and DAAD ZUSYS/DCPS as well as a number of other research and training actions. He is a co-founder and serves as a steering committee co-chair for the Biannual European - Latin American Summer School on Design, Test and Reliability (BELAS).


Dept. of Computer Engineering
Tallinn University of Technology 
ICT-529, Akadeemia tee 15A
12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: (+372) 620 2262
E-mail: maksim[]ati.ttu.ee
Skype: maksim.jenihhin
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